A podcast for firefighters who...

...are aiming for success on and off the job.

Are you a firefighter, first responder, or just an otherwise bad-ass individual who wants to come on and help the community improve?

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Hosted by: 

Your Friendly Firefightin' Financial Planner

Matthew Broom

What this show is about...

The 24/48 Podcast is all about helping firefighters and first responders find success inside and outside of the line of duty.


The job is only a part of who you are, and you should be the best you can be at it.


But, neglecting your finances, your family, your physical fitness, or any of the other essential areas of your life keeps you from being the best you can be at home, on the job, or in your side hustle.


So, if you want to learn from others in our community how we can improve mentally, physically, and financially and have honest conversations that move the fire service forward—this show is for you. 

Questions, Suggestions, or Rude Digressions...give us a shout.
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