• Matthew Broom

3 Step System to Improve Your Life Condition

Your current financial (or life) condition is out of your control. It's already here. It's already a reality.

Your decisions going forward will determine whether your conditions improve. Your decisions are entirely within your control.

Surely, you will get dealt a lousy hand once in a while, but how you play, is up to you. If you are struggling financially, don't let your conditions dictate your decisions. Don't create the feedback loop that keeps you in a downtrodden and powerless state of mind.

You can break the cycle and start making better decisions that improve your financial life. Here are three steps to do so:

1) Detach from your conditions

It is difficult to remove emotion. To objectively evaluate the situation, though, you must. Without getting emotional, think about your current circumstances. What role did you play in producing your conditions? Focus on the decisions you made not chance or luck.

Once you've mulled that over, ask yourself this: If you could change one specific thing about your financial circumstances, what would it be? Write down the first thing that comes to mind. Move on and ask again. Write down your answers. Pen + Paper can be a magic combination.

Now ask yourself, what are you doing to cause these unwanted conditions? Pay attention to your answers and write them down.

Once identified, you can prioritize where to take action first.

2) Prioritize

Now prioritize that list. If you could only remedy one condition, which would it be? Make that your number one priority to pursue. What would be number two, three, four, etc.?

3) Create a plan and Execute

Now create a plan to execute upon your number one priority. If feeling confident with your money instead of broke is your objective, then you can plan to create a budget, track your expenses, and spend purposefully.

Once you've stuck to your new habit for a couple of months and made significant progress, move on to your next priority. Trying to tackle them all at once will lead to overwhelm. Small improvements made consistently over the long-term, lead to massive achievement and success.

Detach, Prioritize, and Execute

By following this three-step framework, you can hugely improve your future conditions by making better current decisions. No one can take away your ability to choose to be better. Bad things will still happen. As they say: bad things happen to good people. But good people make good decisions that get them back on the path to success.

And the path to your success hasn't been traveled by anyone else. So, you better start clearing the way.

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