Your Host

The 24/48 Podcast aims to help you strengthen all the legs of your stool so you can lead a well-rounded life of service, achievement, and satisfaction.

At the core, I'm just a dude striving to be the best I can be. And together, through honest conversations, we can all improve our lives in a meaningful way. 

Matthew Broom

​I'm the host of this show. But, I am also a firefighter, a financial planner, a soon-to-be father, a husband, a brother, and the list goes on.  

The point is, we are all a lot of things, and no single aspect of you defines who you are. Don't let a single leg of your stool be what is holding you up. 

And that is what this show is all about...

Questions, Suggestions, or Rude Digressions...give us a shout.
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